Tuesday, 2 August 2011

New Chat

the new chat is here guys hope you like it , ( for mods and owners i need donations ( powers and days , they must only begiven to Me.) :)

You should expect more soon.....

Before I would like to get to the point, my name is Suda and I am a new contributor here on CPPSItems.
Now, as you can probably see, our site is not completely finished. I am working on a new item DB system
where you can just search the item you want. But for now, I will just organize the items in each category etc such as:

- Head items
- Face items
- Neck items
- Body items
- Feet items
- Flags & Pins  

Monday, 1 August 2011

Hello . CppsItems

Hello I'm Fresh (xCPPS)
On many other cpps' i'm David / DavidCP
I started this page because many people out in the cpps need items!
I'm the Main Owner of this Blog , And i hope many other people will join to be Authors and Editors !
If you need anything else go to the Item page :)

~ The Team